Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Custom Writings

Custom writings are writing done by persons upon a request by another person. The custom wring range from essays, research papers, term papers, to critical essays, among others. Custom writings are referred to as so since the writer follows specific instructions from the person requesting the custom writings services. However, despite the instructions, very few people have the qualification to provide custom writings. 
Because of the complains that I have seen online posted by clients, I made a decision never to use custom writings service since is prefer to write my term paper. I study business administration and there are many resources in our school library that make it easy for me to write my term paper. I surprise many comrades when I inform them I never use the services of custom writings but I write my term paper.
Custom writings are business-minded people who are out to earn money unethically from students. In most cases, when students hire the services of custom writings firms’, they end up being victims of cyber crime since most of those firms are swindles hence I prefer to write my term paper. To write my term paper only costs time sacrifice since other resources are available in the library. Custom writings deliver substandard work and do not refund the money to students when the students complain about the poor quality. However, some students are not just since they complain about the services of custom writings even when all their specifications are met.
I prefer to write my term paper to avoid unnecessary conflict with the services of custom writings. In addition, when I write my term paper, I am at peace with my conscience since there are limited chances of plagiarism. Custom writings are popular with plagiarism and several students have been expelled due to plagiarism related academic crimes.