Thursday, October 4, 2012

Custom Essay

Custom essay can be handled from different perspective depending with the understanding of the writer. Custom essay can only make sense if the writer has appropriately understood the requirements of the examiner. Custom essay must follow a particular format so that it becomes standardized. The major custom essay paper format and style involves the APA style papers and the MLA style papers. 
The nature of custom essay will detect which style and format to use. The facilitator may also decide the style to be used in the development of the custom essay. Custom essay that discusses the social and psychological nature of human beings tend to use the APA style papers format while the custom essay that describes scientific measures, mathematics or geography tends to use the MLA style paper formats.
APA style papers though commonly used alongside the MLA style papers have major differences. APA style papers are majorly used in the west particularly in the United States where the styling was first developed. APA style papers have been majorly revised to meet the academic standards of the modern world and also the changing academic environment. APA style papers are easy to develop and most students are usually familiar with it since it’s widely used globally. 
APA style papers are unique with their in-text citation method where one name of the author is quoted, the year and preferably the page where the fact has been extracted. APA style papers are also unique with the way page numbering is done, this is because the page numbering is done in the right hand side while the running head is justified to the left margin of the paper.