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The impact and success of Customer Relationship systems: A case study of T mobile CRN marketing department

As has been commented upon in academic research, “today, during the business world, management recognises that consumers are the core a business.” Expanding market share for any company relies upon the strength of their ability in order to attract buyers to invest in their merchandise . However, it has not been until pretty recently that firm has begun to understand that it is not solely the reliance upon attraction of shoppers that may be crucial to success. Equally, if not much more important, could be the have to preserve the client and their future loyalty on the product offering or brand, as that is the only way exactly where the organization can sustain their competitive advantage more than other industry players. Moreover, it has also been recognised that there's a crucial price benefit from the retention of existing customers in comparison with adding a new customer and this is especially real in an marketplace that has reached saturation point, that may be surely the case inside UK cellular telecommunications sector.

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1.2 Background on CRM tools and systems


Consequently, it is not surprising to find that an increasing number of organizations are becoming a lot more focused upon the need for just like client relationship management (CRM) processes, tools and systems being a key element of their corporate promoting strategy. Indeed, in a survey conducted by Boston based Bain and Company, which covered 708 businesses across the America’s, Europe, Asia and Africa and resulted in 6,373 respondents, 78% have been actively using management tools being a key element of their drive for competitive advantage, from the exact same percentage incorporating consumer surveys within this strategic area. With the advancement of technology, each in terms of software, the web as well as other developments, these CRM tools and systems have grow to be additional innovative as businesses seek to increase their buyer retention and loyalty. It's this specific element with the CRM discipline that types the focus for this dissertation which, by using T-mobile as being a situation discover corporation, intends to undertake an assessment and evaluation with the impact that such tools have upon the corporation’s advertising and marketing department.

1.3 Situation find out T-Mobile


T-Mobile is a wholly owned subsidiary with the German telecommunications giant Deutsche Telekom. The modern day brand name was introduced in 2002 . Inside its sector, the business may be the world’s sixth largest cellular communications business, based upon the quantity of subscribers, and the third largest cellular multinational after Vodafone (UK) and Telefonica (Spain). Globally, the business has over 101 million subscribers. Inside UK, T-Mobile has 13 Million subscribers and operates through 294 separate retail locations as well as its on the web website. Over a Initial July 2010, T-Mobile UK became part of the joint venture with Orange, operating through a new company known as Everything Anywhere Ltd, that is “jointly owned by Deutsche Telekom and France Telecom.” Together the two organizations account for close to 28 million subscribers and share administrative facilities.


As stated, T-Mobile is operating within a very saturated marketplace sector, which have been evidenced from recent statistics. For example, as can also be noticed from figure 1, cellular phone ownership had increased to more than 80% by 2008 . More recently, by 2010, this quantity had risen to close to 90% ownership of 2G and 3G mobiles (figure 2), whilst it must be noted how the range of true mobiles owned a lot exceeds this figure due to the fact many individuals have over a single phone.


Figure 1 Buyer durable statistics




Figure Two Communications adoption 2010


Source: OFCOM (2010)

In terms of marketplace share, the statistics show that T-Mobile’s percentage with the UK market has remained fairly static during the course in the five years to 2009, as indeed has that of Orange, the company with which it has now formed an alliance. In contrast, O2, Vodafone and 3UK have achieved crucial share growth during the same period. Superficially, at least, this appears to suggest how the latter firms have not just managed to secure a higher rate of marketplace share growth than T-Mobile but have also been far more successful at retaining the loyalty of their existing buyer base. Consequently, this result suggests that there is a require for improvement inside T-Mobile CRM systems.


Figure Three Cellular phone market share


Source: OFCOM (2010)

1.4 Aims and objectives


The aim of this discover is to evaluate and assess the impact and achievement of CRM tools and systems within a practical corporate environment, in other words, it seeks to ascertain the extent to which these tools are achieving their goals of client retention. Therefore, it is intended to resolve here research propositions:


1. That CRM tools are obtaining the effect of increasing client loyalty for the T Cellular brand and improving repurchasing levels.

2. How the advertising department at T Cellular had been successful in introducing innovative CRM tools which has provided the firm to gain a competitive advantage more than its main competitors from the cellular phone sector.


To facilitate the robustness of this dissertation and also the fulfilment in the aims that have been set, it is intended to conduct the search in the right after framework of objectives. The focus of these objectives will be the mobile sector in the UK telecommunications industry, using T Cellular as the situation find out organisation: -


 To offer a brief overview in the definition of CRM and its purpose within a corporate environment, with specific reference to its development and effectiveness of use inside the UK mobile telecommunications sector

 To supply a detailed examination from the primary challenges faced as soon as utilizing CRM tools and identify the latest technologies that are becoming employed to address these issues.

 To provide a critical analysis on the way where the case understand organisation, T Mobile, has introduced CRM tools and systems into their business. Moreover, this objective will also seek to investigate how these systems were incorporated into the latest techniques formulated by their marketing department.

 The final objective is to use the effects from the look for conducted t make recommendations for improvement, if applicable.

1.5 Scope and structure of dissertation


To help clarity and understanding on the content the remainder of this discover has been formatted inside following framework. Inside following chapter (2) a significant literature review is presented which concentrates upon the definition of CRM, the many tools and systems which are used to improve and improve its management, as well as identifying how T Mobile have applied theses tools inside their CRM strategy. Chapter 3 examines the methodology options out there to the search and provides the reasoning for the ways that were chosen, along with indicating the limitations and how these were addressed. Inside chapter four, the search findings are presented and explained and they're further discussed during the chapter (5) that follows. The final chapter (6) brings the dissertation to a conclusion and, based upon the findings that have been discussed, also contains recommendations which are intended to assist the situation discover organisations along with other in maximising the benefits the receive from strong implementation of CRM systems.


Furthermore, as attachments for the principal dissertation, more appendices had been added. These comprise of the biography that provides info of all the publications as well as other details that has been relied upon and referred to inside this study. Additionally, the appendices contain facts from the principal research conducted, including the questionnaires and interviews, together with full data of the responses received.

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