Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Any adjust inside the technique of delivering higher education carries with it an element of risk. In fact, many individuals will view any fundamental transform with skepticism or fear. It's also possible that people, such as faculty members in colleges will view any transform from the past as being a criticism and condemnation of the old way of teaching in general, and of their experience in the classroom being a teacher in particular.

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The good news for colleges across the nation is that you can find far more adults than ever interested in pursuing higher education. In fact, many States have far more students than their colleges can almost certainly handle. This has created an environment wherever non-traditional educational programs including distance learning programs can flourish assuming that the distance learning notion is implemented correctly. There are several keys to the accomplishment of this program. One of the most obvious is that faculty members should be comfortable from the thought of distance learning and with the technology used to deliver it to students. The second key to achievement is to ensure that the quality of education doesn't deteriorate in a distance learning environment.

Offering non conventional programs such as distance learning also requires a profound shift from a focus over a requirements of faculty and administrators to a focus over a needs of students. According to Mumford et al, it requires a difficult and fundamental shift from a culture of entitlement to a culture of performance. Distance learning programs need colleges and their faculty to shift from a design focused on teaching to a procedure focused on learning. Ultimately, interactive on the net programs in higher education will fundamentally transform American society. Students attending college on the full time basis right after graduating from high school will represent a shrinking segment from the postsecondary education population. Mumford suggests that while a lot more income will be spent on education overall, traditional institutions will experience cutbacks, downsizing, and closures as colleges that offer non conventional programs such as distance learning attract far more students and continue to grow based not simply on the convenience associated with distance learning but according to the sort of student focused programs that they deliver in response for the changing demographics from the average student as well as the changing requirements of society as they relate to higher education (Mumford, 2000).

According to an article by Bernard Bass and Paul Steidlmeier published in Leadership Quarterly (1999), transformational leadership is always contrasted with transactional leadership but actually most leaders have a quantity of leadership skills and styles that include both transformational and transactional elements. Most leaders commonly use each styles of leadership. The emphasis of transactional leadership is on motivating followers by exchanging rewards and advantages for motivation and productivity.


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