Thursday, November 29, 2012

Characteristic of Social Scientific Methods

Characteristic of genial scientific rules Quantitative and qualitative method socio-professional method is sh ard often in qualitative methodological analysis and vicenary method. Quantitative method is to use numbers-data, e.g. statistics and graphs to demonstrate contexts in reality. The qualitative method may be the interpretation of what the figures show. In a quantitative analysis of a politician let the cat out of the bag counter we for example. up words. we make an analysis of speech lixtal. It is a pure counting, in other words รข€¦ quantitatively. In the selfsame(prenominal) way, we can let the Word count up how legion(predicate) times the politician say specific words. all this resume in the quantitative analysis. In the qualitative analysis increases intellectual of why used specific words in singing to others, why lixtallet is 35 instead of 55 (this is perhaps, along with interview and our intentions with that would say things in the certain way). The qualitative method consists in any case in recognition, analysis and interpretation ( enter below on hermeneutics) of the social reality through the use of models and theories from the social sciences. It may also consist in the analysis and interpretation of speeches and texts. Most quantitative studies have qualitative elements, e.g.
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When it is necessary to define the categories of numbers that are interesting. I can for example. make a quantitative ruminate of unemployment, but I must first define what unemployment is, and what do I use qualitative method to. Model A model is a picture of the reality in which the confused elements are pulled forward and simplistic, so one can see the relationships amidst them there is e.g. a model of the relationship between population, media and politicians, that can be used to show how the interrelationships of political talk is. It can, therefore, be in a simplified manner to relieve why the population, media or politicians put certain things on the agenda. model type A ideal type is a supernumerary kind of model. It was developed by... If you want to get a beat essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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