Friday, November 30, 2012

Democracy V/S Dictatorship

Sixty years after we became a free nation, we placid find utter p everywherey among our passel with religious, lingustic bigotry everywhere and to a fault war over boundaries,share of water,terrorist attacks on places of worship etc. In short the emotional integrity of the nation which was there in our country when the Country was macrocosm ruled by Kings of more(prenominal) than 500 princely States seems to eat up been tot bothy lost. Why is that we failed as a nation state to eliminate mass povery and lust while everyyear crores of rupees worth grains in FCI Stockyards are either filthy or eatern away by Rats. But why is that the self government we have chosen fails every(prenominal) the way and all the time ? Is it due to the fact that we have chosen a wrong set of great deal ? Is it because these people lack the susceptibility of our erstwhile Kinds and Princes ? Is it true that Kings and princes of yesteryears were looting the money as is being done now by our elected representatives? The system of nation works well when the electorate are literate and the elected people are held accountable. We have a poor rate of literacy over all- round 60% and the people below BPL are about 30% who can not distinguish between full(a) bad and the worse.
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There are various ethnic, linguistic, religious, caste identites our people have which is being continuously exploited by the politician. What else is the outcome? Certain section believe that probably a compassionate dictator could set the things remunerate. Some one like Dr.Mahathir Mohammad of Malaysia who transform that country in to a developed nation all by his inspiring leadership. Despite being a Muslim nation, the fundamentalists have not got entrenched in to their civil troupe as yet. Personally, I prefer a democracy for a number of reasons. In a democracy, everyone is their own master. They have the force to practise the religion they please, preach the religion they want to preach, have the right to free speech, and more importantly have the right to vote, and choose... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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