Thursday, December 27, 2012

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Eddie Adams Picture Dalton Kreh August 22nd 2010 History 104 1) This document is a propose taken by the photographer Eddie Adams. 2) The witness was taken during the Tet Offensive, in Vietnam, in 1968. The record shows a South Vietnamese jurisprudence officer executing a Vietcong member in the snapper of the street. 3) Eddie Adams took the escort in Vietnam. I had only seen the picture in books and learn of the men whom were in it, until now I neer knew who took it or if he took the picture. Since I knew nothing of Eddie Adams so I had to do some research on him; I intimate from an interview with him by Robert Farber that he was not as excite about the picture as one may believe. Adams shows his telling sadness towards the picture being taken by the quote, I compute, more than anything else, believe it or not I think it hurt me because what happens…were all labeled for certain things…[1] This helps me understand his occasion in taking the picture, because prior to this interview and some other research I did on him I view that the picture was taken for some type of war propaganda be it for or against the war in Vietnam. The picture wasnt necessarily taken for any purpose other than that it was great timing and Adams thought it would have been a good picture.
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4) Adams point of view is of objective I believe, because it seems from what I have read that he was upright doing his job in taking the picture. 5) The original purpose of this picture was to be just that a picture. However it got tweaked to be apply as either war propaganda to help rally adjudge for the war or rally support for antiwar. 6) Some ad hoc details to support Adams choice in taking the picture was that it was a very tense time being in Vietnam and having been during the Tet Offensive. Also the fact that it was an intense and moving picture so it must have seemed like as great of an hazard as any other time to snap a picture. Bibliography 1) Farber, Robert. Interview with Eddie... If you want to get a full essay, redact it on our website: Orderessay

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