Friday, March 29, 2013


Corridas del toros are fuzzfights where 4-6 year old shits are used. Only passe-partout matadors are allowed to fight the shucks in this kind of bullfights, although other assistants, called subalternos likewise take part.

During a typical corrida de toros six bulls are killed in few stages:

First, all bullfighters and caters make a lap of honour by dint of the arena to introduce themselves to the public.

After that, the bull is released in to the ring, later on which the matador starts testing the bull; He wants to see how the bull responds, how the bull moves, and whence matador starts exhausting him.

Thirdly, one or two horse riders with a long lance enter the arena. The task of a the horse rider is to cut the neck muscles of the bull, so that he allow be unable to lift his head anymore. Some horses, who are covered by protective armour and blinded with a cloth, are injured during this part. Many tourists think this is the most furious part of a bullfight, since it is obvious that both bulls and horses suffer during bullfights.

It is his project to kill the bull with a brand name and to perform a series of poses and pases.

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When the bull is not able to move anymore, the matador changes his sword for a sharp one ,called the estoque, and then has to kill the bull with one strike in the heart. This often goes wrong: the matador stabs the bull several times, sometimes in its lungs. Often, the bull suffocates in his confess blood. 

I do understand that Corrida is a customs duty in Spain, Portugal, and some parts of South America, for centuries, that I do not support this cruel way of socialize the audience.
I have seen a corrida in Portugal, but the difference is that in Portugal matador must not kill the bull. pile goes to watch Portugese corrida to admire the braveness of matador, and not to watch the bull getting brutally murdered.If you want to get a plenteous essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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