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Stereotyping and Prejudice
Courtney Hamilton
November 24, 2012
ETH/125-Cultural Diversity
Sharon White

At least ein truthone in their life has do some sort of stereotype or prejudice to the highest degree someone, some even without realizing it be bm non all stereotypes are negative. Although, stereotyping is not al managements negative it can lead to prejudice which in conclusion will turn into discrimination. In our world, every individual is odd at that placefore, m each people stereotype in order to impart in such a diverse world.
Stereotyping plays a very important role in society because it is a way to apply order to the diverse society. According to the reading natural in week two, a stereotype is an unreliable generality about all members of a assort that do not take individual differences into account. In my opinion to me this means, making any premisss about someone in the starting time place getting to know them is considered a stereotype. For example, we had a foreign exchange student from China beat to our school. Before getting to know her I made an surmise that she was going to be really quiet and focused in general on her studies. However, after getting to know her she was nothing equal I had assumed, she was extremely loud and outgoing.

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In other words, not all stereotypes are negative like I had mentioned before in my example. Although when I hazard of a stereotype the first thing that comes to my mind is a negative assumption towards someone or a group of people. In my opinion, I think there are both negative and positive stereotypes depending on what society has made us believe and what our experiences are with that group of individuals. An example of a negative stereotype would be take for granted that all punks who wear chains and have a mohawk are a nuisance to society and always cause trouble. Generally thinking, a stereotype is usually negative although there are some that are positive.
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