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Industrialzation: Women. Discuss The Impact Of Industrial Society On Womens Bodies.

Running Head : harlotry ( tight-laced EnglandWo hands , Work and whoredom in blue(a) EnglandNameCollege /UniversityProfessor /InstructorSubjectAbstractSocial and economic factors turned harlotry into a study industry in Victorian England . But whoredom wholly resulted in the further marginalization of many Victorian wo men - Victorian-era violates were evoke with problems such(prenominal) as poverty , insecurity and venereal indisposition Women , Work and whoredom in Victorian EnglandVictorian England is matchless of the about discussed periods in the story of human kindleual urge . Victorian attitudes regarding innerity dominated English parliamentary law and culture until the mid-20th century , although approximately of these perspectives are still unmixed today (Heath and albumin , 2001 . In addition , Victorian England reshaped the archetype of whoredom . It was during this era that prostitution was transformed into a major(ip) industry (Gordon , 2002Double StandardsVictorian England placed speech on suppression and vindication . Sexuality was give spit to to be controlled in to write the sanctity of the root and family . what is more , three-fold standards were rife . workforce and women were accorded diametrical codes of inner conduct . men were encouraged to be scant(p) - internal licentiousness in men was considered as a sign of virility (Heath and snow-covered , 2001Women , on the another(prenominal) go on , were expected to be thin-skinned , quiet and submissive , as well as to stomach virgins until they married . As wives their resole responsibility was to attend to the abode and the needs of her husband . accordingly , women in Victorian England were regarded as non awakenual beings - they were the objects of men s desires scarcely were not supposed to proneness sex or to demo informal pleasure (Heath and infinite 2001 .
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A woman s versed desires were thought to be a sign of illness delirium was a mental dis that was ab initio believed to a result of the uterus s wandering throughout the follow when a woman was sexually unfulfilled - the womb was state to be crowding other organs and causing manufacture from raw material scathe , suffocation and hysterical symptoms (Lind , Brzuzy and Inc NetLibrary , 2008Various measures were devised to heal violence , one of which was the working(a) removal of the clitoris . furthermore , the Victorian affable surround was conducive to the deterrence of hysteria . Sofas were designed to hamper bulk from sitting closely to dumbfoundher , man mild legs were draped to ward off the suggestion of human legs . linguistic process was as well as restricted - the usage of rowing such as detractor , leg or thigh was discouraged , even in the of meat joints . Prostitution venereal diseases , sodomy and masturbation were separate using moralistic euphemisms such as social bend social diseases crimes against nature and ego abuse respectively (Heath and color , 2001Prostitution : A Secret assimilation of SexThe repressive stance of Victorian England regarding sex brought about the proliferation of prostitution . As premarital sex was strictly forbidden , men with sweethearts turned to wrongs for instant sexual gratification . Married men , meanwhile , availed of the services of prostitutes because of the sexual dissatisfaction that they experience with their wives . In outlet , having sex with a prostitute was a lesser repulsiveness compared to premarital sex...If you want to make it a full essay, give it on our website: Orderessay

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