Friday, November 29, 2013

Benjamin Franklin...A Misogynist?

You asked us to read Old Mistresses Apologue to see how genus benzoin Franklin begins as a solemn friend and adviser to a young man but soon reveals himself as a hedonistic lecher, then after drill you asked if we see whatsoever signs of a misogynist in benjamin Franklins letter. To begin I looked up the word misogynist to get a waive downstairs understanding of what it meant. According to Websters Dictionary, misogynist means a annoyance of or hostility toward women, a women hater. After reading gum benjamin Franklins letter, it was hard to see Mr. Franklin as a women hater. I descry him cosmos finicky active his women preferring former(a) to younger women being almost discriminatory towards younger women in general, but not actually a women hater. If anything, he has groovy things to say about women as a whole. In the real scratch line paragraph of his letter, Benjamin Franklin says great things of women in the distinguish of union with a man. First, he st ates that It is the Man and Woman joined that make the compleat human Being. [sic] Those ar powerful word to say if you are a women hater. He also states in the similar paragraph that man would be of less value if they were not married and they are half(prenominal) without their better half. Hence his words, A genius Man has not nearly the Value he would pass in that commonwealth of Union. He is an incomplete Animal. He resembles that am employ Half of a Pair of Scissars. [sic] Beginning after the first paragraph Benjamin Franklin begins stating increasingly how he would prefer an sr. woman to a younger one saying; you should prefer old Women to young ones.
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[sic] because he p roceeds to explain why he believes this sup! position with eight different reasons. The very... As a personal note, I neer like people using the dictionary defines... in their essays. exactly thats a personal qualm. In addition, I telephone that theme style changed midway through. At the beginning you were addressing someone, and then of a sudden you werent. I think you should have stuck to one or the other, other than it comes off a lot less academic. All in all though, I liked it for what it was. If you want to get a full essay, club it on our website:

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