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Characteristics Of The Aldox Gene

Genevieve 171L Honors 11/6/08 Characteristics of the Aldox Gene Introduction This experiment was conducted by employ aldehyde oxidase (AO) to genetically remember the aldox gene. It was hypothesized that the aldox gene is recessive and call forth linked. yield wing (Drosophilia melanogaster) are genetically well cognize eucaryotic organisms that were used to investigate the inheritance of the aldox gene. To determine if AO is present, an enzyme aspersion show was used. The yellow color indicated that AO was present and active era blue-blooded color indicated AO is not present. Data Table 1 Enzyme hitch F1| | priapic| Female| glowering | 2| 3| xanthous| 8| 7| Table 2 Enzyme Assay F2| | Male| Female| Blue | 3| 3| Yellow| 9| 9| jut out 1. F1 Generation A A Aa| Aa| Aa| Aa| a a Figure 2. F2 Generation A a AA| Aa| Aa| aa| A a Figure 3.Order your essay at Orderessay and get a 100% original and high-quality custom paper within the required time frame.
Sex-Linked X+ Y X-X+| XY| X-X+| XY| X- X- Of the hug drug-spot females in the F1 generation, three were proscribe and vii were positivist for the AO enzyme. The ten males tested had cardinal negative and 8 were positive flies for the AO enzyme. The F2 generation, of the twelve females and twelve males, three were negative and nine were positive for the AO enzyme. The crossing in the F1 generation of a plethoric male (AA) and a mutant female (aa) certain heterozygous-dominant offspring. The crossing in the F2 generation of the heterozygous male and heterozygous female produced two heterozygous offspring, atomic number 53 homozygous recessive offspring and one homozygous domi! nant offspring. Discussion This experiment was conducted by utilise aldehyde oxidase (AO) to genetically characterize the aldox gene. It was hypothesized that the gene tested was recessive and sex-linked. In the F1 generation a homozygous male dominant raise (wild...If you want to foreshorten a full essay, order it on our website:

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