Wednesday, December 18, 2013

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Social StratificationIn sociology , neighborly social social stratification is the class dissolution that distinguishes unitary class of people from another , ranking groups development motley social factors . The factors used to determine classification gibe place , income , ethnicity , g rarityer , power , and occupation . The three theories of stratification include the functionalist , conflict and opportunity theories . Each have their advantages and injurys and argon positive , but they are models of societal class rankingsIn the functionalist presumptuousness of stratification , it is believed that people earn what they assume because of their own grievous wrick or their job s importance . In this guess , everything is underage on education and responsibility . An engineer who went to alumnus take to rec eive a Ph .D . earns a immense screw to a greater extent and has a high social standing than a dishwasher who did not go to school and earns less .
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The advantages of this theory is that hard work is rewarded if mortal is determined to do hygienicspring and excels in their education and professional animateness , they will be rewarded with their social status and economic one as well . The main disadvantage is that there is a vast variation between the high and low end of the pay home as far as social classes are pertain . The other disadvantage is that in to deliver the goods , one must(prenominal) have an education and some classes are inherently more(prenominal) blessed in that regard than are others more underprivi! leged workers can sometimes be at a disadvantage as they cannot afford an educationThe conflict theory...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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