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Comparison Between Canada And Usa

IntroductionUnited States of the States and Canada , the countries that sh are the world s longest b , are ending not only in terms of geographic lawfulness of proximity . two countries are Western liberal democracies faring well economically and having their say in international affairs . both(prenominal) countries are inhabitant by immigrant nations that embrace diversity and multiculturalism . at long last , both countries are facing mistakable challenges in the twenty-first century . In to compare and business United States of America and Canada , the information closely these countries is grouped in different categories -Geography and clime Government and Politics br saving Population and grow , Language , and ReligionGeography and ClimateThe geography , main tillable land in Canada is situated on the St Lawrence p lain , screening oversized go bad of Confederate Quebec and Ontario , and the interior Continental plain , covering southern Manitoba and Saskatchewan and most of Alberta . A afforest plateau in the proximity of Lakes Superior and Huron divides these two plains . double mountain ranges , including the Rockies , stretch westbound toward the Pacific covering large part of British capital of South Carolina , the Yukon , and part of occidental Alberta (Pearson Education , 2007As for the geography of United States , it is as well change and features Interior plains , Intermontane plateaus , Laurentian Highlands , Rocky wads , Appalachian Highlands , Pacific stilt System , Atlantic Plain , and Interior Highlands (Online Learning haven , 2006Since Canada is situated to the North of the U .S , it is natural that its climate is colder . It varies from train in south to subarctic and arctic in out-of-pocket north , while the U .S . climate mostly equable , hardly tropical in H awaii and Florida , arctic in Alaska , and ! dried or semiarid in some territories (CIA adult male Factbook , 2007As for the semipolitical landscape , the main issues shaping it are different . In the U .S , the attention is mostly paid to such(prenominal) areas as foreign policy , immigration , social surety , and gasolene control .
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In Canada , the population is more pertain about gender equality , climate change , person-to-person familiarity , and tolerance (Thomas , 2000Government and PoliticsThe U .S . is a federal republic conjugation 50 realms , District of Columbia and fourteen territories . Federal and landed estate governments interact in a complicated manner in to ensure the balance between the continuity of natio nal policies and self-governance . The principle law body is a bicameral Congress that consists of the Senate and the nursing home of Representatives (USINFO , n /dCanada is a constitutional monarchy uniting ten provinces and tether territories . Canada is a part of Commonwealth , so its Sovereign is sprite Elizabeth II . However , it has its own House of Commons Governor-general , who is formally the substitute of the Crown is in fact , an advisor to the rosiness look (Pearson Education , 2007In comparison , Canada has bigger government and high train of government expenditure -- 41 .1 of GDP as compared with 36 .5 in the U .S (United North America , 2006EconomyThe U .S . has 11 times greater GDP than Canada 1 .165 million and 12 .766 trillion respectively . As for GDP per capita , it constitutes 35 ,198 and 42 ,775...If you want to get a full essay, value it on our website:

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