Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Social Psycology

PSY 102: Psychology in the Modern World Your touch: teacher: Bob MelaraYour Section: FALL 2012Your TAs boot: ** Answer the questions in your own words, Type your firmness of purposes, make confident(predicate) you answer all parts, print the answered homework and take it with you to your close exercising! Only the two lowest homework grades displace be dropped ** Homework #11 (Social Psychology) 1. a) What is an attitude? b) What does it mean to asseverate that attitudes take on behavior? c) Under what conditions can attitudes affect actions? d) explicate how the Abu Ghraib prison house fiasco might be an precedent of how role-playing affects attitudes. 1a--Belief that causes a individual to act in certain way to objects, great deal, and events. 1b-- Attitudes argon more internal therefore more likely to contribute out to behavior 1cif the matter concerning the object, person, or event, is less touched by immaterial i nfluences. 2a) Describe Milgrams experiments on obeisance, and b) strategy the conditions in which obedience was highest. 2. a) Describe the influence of proximity, physical attractiveness, and resemblance on social attraction. b) What is the mere exposure effect? c) bring forth one example of this effect in your own life. 3.
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Researchers hold back found that the reactions of people in crowded situations are often _______________ (lessened/amplified). 4. Like early(a) behaviors, aggression emerges from the interaction of ________________ and ________________. 5. A perceived mutual exclusiveness of actions, goals, or ideas is called ____________ ______. This perception can take place am! ong individuals, ______________, or ______________. 6. According to the two-factory theory, emotions have two components: physical _____________ and a _____________ label. 7. When the need for group harmony overrides realistic thinking in individuals, the phenomenon know as _________________ has occurred.If you want to get a upright essay, night club it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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