Thursday, December 26, 2013

Treaty of Versailes

There are more reason why Ger more scorn the agreement of Versailles. They are, The treaty made Germany poor, made Germany weaker and made Germany clear up it territories. One of the reason why Germany nauseated the agreement of Versailles is that the treaty made Germany poor. Germany was forced to pay 6,600million eup dollar as war reparation. This kept Germany poor. Germany could obligate used those money to change it economy. Germans remain unemployed. Price of goods increased as there is famine of goods. Germans were suffered and fierce. They blamed the Weimar government for signing the treaty. This led Germany to scorn the amity of Versailles because, the treaty made the Germans life harder compared to what they had before the war. Thus, led Germany to hate accord of Versailles. Another reason why Germany dislike the Treaty of Versailles is that the treaty made Germany weaker. The treaty reduces Germanys military power. Their great deal is restrictred to single 100,000men. Their weapons were destroyed. Conscriptions were banned. Germany was not allowed to have air force, submarines and tanks. They were restricted to all 6 battleships and a few smaller ship. Rhineland were also demilitarized. This carriage that the areas there cannot have any troops.
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This made Germany very stormy and humiliated because they were known for their military power. Germany also felt that it is foul because they were the only one that need to disarm. They were also worried that they cannot have themselves. This led to Germany hating the Treaty of Versailles because Germany was once the most powerful empire. unaccompanied after the treaty, it got tras hed. Thus, Germany detest the Treaty. T! hird reason why Germany hated the Treaty of Versailles is that the Treaty made Germany give up many of it territories. Alsance-Lorrience and the Saar which is a important industrial area of coal to France. polish Corridor and Uppser Silesia to Poland. Germany was also forced to give up all of its abroad colonies....If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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