Thursday, January 9, 2014

Benjamin Franklin An American

benzoin Franklin epitomizes a stereo emblematic American as psyche that is nonionised, doesnt waste their time, and is just. An American should be sincere and humble. They should be adapted to avoid problems and non get into either if it does not consume them. One other thing is that an American should be clean. An American should be always cleaned and look good in a presentable way. An Americans achievement should be able to help everyone and not only one person. A stereo typical American in the mind of Ben Franklin is someone that is utilitarian with their time and has their day well organized. An American does anything that could be through with(p) tomorrow, today. An American should be able to be humble and sincere. That intend that an American should not show-off and be simple with any great(p) achievements that were done. An American should always look presentable which sum they should put up clean clothes and take baths. Also, what one American does should be able to help others. Their action should be safe to them and everyone else. benzoin Franklin does see to it into his own description of what he thinks an American should be like. Ben Franklin was one of our founders of the United States, an inventor, and involved in politics. Benjamin Franklin moldiness have had is time very well organized to make out all of this.
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Furthermore, Ben Franklin was always humble with the great achievements he realized during his lifetime. Not just was he humble with the inventions he made, entirely his inventions also helped everyone else. For example, starting a library has helped everyones education. For me, a stereotypical American is someone that is white, usually lazy, and usually is not sm! art. An American speaks English and has citizenship, and is usually rich. My image of a typical American is made up of my own and influenced by the media. some(a) Americans have funny accents. Another thing a typical American does is drink beer and eat. Benjamin Franklin would not fit into my mentation of a...If you want to get a full essay, tell it on our website:

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