Saturday, January 25, 2014

Cause and Effect Essay Writing System

THE CAUSE AND EFFECT ESSAYS committal to writing SYSTEM ACADEMIC WRITING SKILLS JULY 2010/2011 SEMESTER naming 1 (15%): CAUSE AND EFFECT OUTLINE & group A; ESSAY operating instructions: Choose one of the hobby topics and write a suffer and effect attempt. The flesh out should be clear and specific. You must acknowledge an outline when you hand in your essay. The outline must be in the coiffure that has been taught by your instructor. Requirements: 1) Your essay should not be longer than 750 words in length. 2) Type your outline and essay using Tahoma font, 12 pt., and lay at 1.5 between lines. recommend to include page numbers. 3) You atomic number 18 encouraged to cite whole works from experts. You should include at least 4 different quotations or paraphrase from half a dozen outside sources/references(newspaper, journal, book, etc.). Three references will be provided. It is preferable that the APA format be used for citation and referencing. 4) Deadlin e: calendar week 9(confirm the assure with your instructor). establishs that are late will be penalized 2 points per daylight unless you have prior approval/extension date, or a good and confirmable reason. If you need an extension, see your instructor. Extensions are at his/her discretion. Evaluation criteria: Your assignment will be evaluated on the pursuance criteria: 1) Outline gateway, Topic sentences, Supporting sentences & Conclusion 2) Essay Introduction & Thesis statement Body paragraphs: details supported by details and examples (citations & referencing) Overall organisation: unity and coherence Conclusion means : Sentence flow, intone Mechanics: grammar, punctuation, spelling and capitalizationIf you want to get a amply essay, order it on our website:

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