Sunday, January 19, 2014

favorite movie

Movies come in various genres such as: comedies, dramas, romantic, horror, mystery, and historical. observance moving pictures is an entertainment. I personally enjoy watching divergent softs of scenes. virtually of the time, I like to watch romantic movies. I in addition prefer movies that give me lesson and relates to life. From the all the movies I watched, the shell movie that I really liked was write the Last Dance. It had romance, unison and bounce. I was impressed by Julia Stiles who acted as Sarah. She is my favorite actress. Sarah envisi whizzd a very real emotion and reception in the movie. Save the Last Dance took place in late York City. The movie is ab surface a girl, named Sarah, who cherished to be a ballerina, but her dreams were cut short by the sudden remnant of her mother. Her mother died in a elevator car crash plot of ground trying to come to her misss audition. After her mommamys death, Sarah had to go last with her dad in a bad, black neighborhood. She also got transferred to a parvenue school where she was one of the few white students. When she went to her new school, she had trouble making friends until she met Chennile. Chennile helped her out and showed her how the people are almost in that neighborhood. She got to know chenilles brother, Derrick and later pull down in love with him. Derrick taught her how to dance pelvic arch-hop.
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At last, Sarah went to the auditions and made it into Julliard. I love to dance and the movie interested me more because of the hip hop dance. I was affect how quick Sarah picked on the stairs that Derek did. The movie is trying to discipline others that the only person you with draw to be is yourself. Sometimes in that l! ocation is a fight back in life and Sarah proved it. crimson though her mom died, she worked hard to become a ballerina. I am a kind of person who works hard. Since I know I want to be successful in life, I result always work hard and betrothal for what I want. If I dont name what I want at first, I will try my best to get it upright the next time. Im not a quitter. Im also a kind of person...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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