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Allium sativum is the scientific name for what is commonly known as ail. The six-letter word, ail, conjures up savory and tonetic thoughts of the most delicious dishes that one(a) has eer experience. The aroma of fresh garlic is like no other(a) and the smell of sauté garlic is beyond word that leaves a boneheaded impression in ones memory. Thats right, garlic is a common ingredient that is use to exact somewhat an aroma and a distinguish flavor to some(prenominal)(prenominal) dishes across the continents. past from its culinary usage, the intake of garlic enkindle also be well(p) to ones health. Therefore, it has some medicinal purposes. Whats surprising is the fact that garlic has been utilize for thousands of years as medicine and this has been noned in history. The University of doctor Medical Center (UMMC) mentions that in the early 1900s, French gravediggers would wassail wine mixed with grim garlic to ward false the plague. Another example in history is tha t garlic was use to compete gangrene during serviceman War I and II. As for today, garlic is seen to be beneficial in preventing heart disease, last blood pressure, high cholesterol, boosts repellent system, and may even fight against cancer. All these will be discuss in win detail later on in this paper.
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In found to understand the effect of garlic, the chemic substance components of it must be soundly understood. According to the UMMC (2011), garlic has an odorless mho-containing chemical that comes from cysteine, which is an amino acid. This chemical is known as Alliin. Alliin is the precursor to Allicin, which is an active chemical that gives garlic its distinguished aroma a nd the medical benefits. However, the human ! body does not absorb Allicin effectively. care cholesterol, allicin needs to be broken pop into water-soluble due south rise and oil-soluble sulfur compounds. The water-soluble sulfur compounds are S-allyl cysteine (SAC) and others (UMMC, 2011). These compound are found to be to a greater issue usable and may contribute to the health...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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