Sunday, January 12, 2014

Holden Caufield

When we left H oldishen at the end of the story, he was on his mode stem. Shortly subsequently this occurred, he was sent to a nonher stick home in order to recover from his cordial breakdown. speckle of land there he was preparing to enroll in other, unalike discipline for another turn up at an information. This contract failed when his cordial problems took the topper of him.         Unsure on where his carriage would organize him next, Holden decided to give kayoed home again to break with his family. For a few days he remained there, until he turn 25. Once again he tried to move out on his own, and after a few months of trying he was successful, settling in an upstate New York town.         As he gained employment as a printer at a local newspaper, he met a woman who also worked there and they began to date. After 2 geezerhood of discussing it, they decided to assume unite and startle a family.          live in New York, Holden and his married woman had a intelligence trinity months after they became married. He grew up to be an active green boy, holding a smash resemblance to Holden, but not following in his fathers footsteps of ordinary mental disorders.         As for Holdens mental problems of his youth, they did not completely cash in ones chips out. While living with his family, he experienced another breakdown, and hospital care was take until he have the appearance _or_ semblanceed to recover. A bring forth home was upcoming in the future weeks, until another dusk in his condition prevented that from happening.         The following months were not each better. Holden remained in the hospital, and despite frequent visits from his family and friends, his condition did not seem to come in better at all. Then, one spring day, he do a turn for the better. He began not to say so negatively about life and everything in it. concisely after this day he was permitted to retrovert to h! is home with his family and try and start a familiar life again.         It seemed that all that was needed for Holden was to return to his wife and male child, and return to his job.
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Regaining a normal life did the trick, and when he returned to the paper, he was not hired as his old job as a printer, but as a writer instead where he achieved immediate success. He continue working at this job for most of his life, until unemotional age.         His son was now leaving high school and preparing for a college education as he was leaving his job at the paper. His wife also retired from her job when Holden did, and they remained at their home, while their son move away. Living happily, they decided to relocate to a little home when the house became simply too large for the two of them.          plane through the ups and downs in our characters life, he prevailed over his mental problems and be to the world that he too could live a normal, golden life just like anyone else can. If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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