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oIn contrast, nearly all mammalian mobile phones break 20 to 50 times under culture conditions in advance they stop, age, and die. crab louse cells whitethorn be immortal. oHeLa cells from a tumor removed from a woman (Henrietta Lacks) in 1951 argon hushed reproducing in culture. The ab popular behavior of cancer cells begins when a exclusive cell in a tissue undergoes a switch that converts it from a popular cell to a cancer cell. oNormally, the immune system recognizes and destroys modify cells. oHowever, cells that evade dying proliferate to form a tumor, a mass of abnormal cells. If the abnormal cells remain at the originating site, the nut is called a friendly tumor. oMost do not cause high-priced problems and can be salutaryy removed by surgery. In a malignant tumor, the cells become invasive enough to thwart the functions of angiotensin-converting enzyme or more than organs. In addition to chromosomal and metabolic abnormalities, cancer cells oft en lose attachment to near cells, ar carried by the riptide and lymph system to other tissues, and blend more tumors in an event called metastasis. oCancer cells are abnormal in some ways. oThey whitethorn find an unusual number of chromosomes, their metabolism may be disabled, and they may cease to function in every constructive way. oCancer cells may secrete signal molecules that cause tear vessels to grow toward the tumor. Treatments for metastasizing cancers include high-energy radiation and chemotherapy with toxic do drugss. oThese treatments target actively dividing cells. oChemotherapeutic drugs interfere with special steps in the cell cycle. oFor example, Taxol prevents mitotic depolymerization, preventing cells from proceeding outgoing metaphase. oThe side effects of chemotherapy are due to the drugs effects on normal cells. Researchers are outgrowth to understand how a normal cell is transformed into a cancer cell. oThe causes are diverse, but cellular regeneration always involves the alteratio! n of genes that influence...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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