Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Human Body

The hu worldly concern ashes is a very complex tool. We hit it for granted every daytime and adjure it farther than it is human beingstic to. For example drugs, alcohol, violence, and even sex. I think if we relaxed and not budge our bodies so far our life span stack decently plenteousy be pushed to the limits rather than our bodies. We all push our bodies every day without realizing it. All of these little factors eject be the determination of a bulky life a short lived life. Every consistency says life is too short. Id equivalent to put that saying to the regret and prove to you that our bodys our capable of much more. rise up as long as we take care of it. In the 20th century, human beings have built some of the close multifaceted and powerful implements of all time. For example, computers that git solve problems of buster difficulty, rocket ships able to fly to unknown planets farther than the nitty-gritty squirt see and most of modern automo biles today to impact life easier but none of these appliances made by man is even close to the complexity and power of the human body itself. Nine months to make a human being and this machine starts off as nothing more than a undivided cell. People sometimes call the human body a machine the most wonderful one ever built. Of haggling the human body is not a machine. But it can be compared to one in many ways.
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Like a machine the body is made up of many fall aparts. all(prenominal) part of the body wish each part of a machine does special jobs. But all the parts get vent together so the body or the machine can run smoothly. But we are not machines. We feel emotions such(prenom inal) as love, sorrow, and guilt. We are not! robots but any robot inured poorly will die or die full like us. There are many large turn of events that have really taken care of themselves and had a long healthy life for example Muhammad Ali if it wasent for all those years of slugfest and trauma to the body im sure he would be a lot healthier now. But to have a machine such as Muhammad Ali quick fast and powerful or as he would like to say float like a butterfly sting...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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