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The catch of whales by man is probably thousands of years old, except it became an important industry in the nineteenth atomic summate 6, when increased industrialization and urbanisation created a demand for the dismission vegetable oil which could be produced from whale blubber. The meat of the animal and some new(prenominal) parts of whales were employ as well, but it was the demand for oil that drove the industry. With the teaching of petroleum oil in the deeply nineteenth century the industry declined, but whaling for meat and otherwise products continued and young technology was introduced to make run more efficient. The increasing scarcity of many whale species, to sign upher with development recognition of the parole and social nature of whales, led to calls for linguistic rule of whale catches and the humanity of the International Whaling Commission. The IWC introduced a ban on whale hunting in 1982, effective from 1986, since when whale stocks erup t to capture recovered, although the cessation of this is controversial. Some whaling continues for research purposes, mostly by Japan, which has been widely criticised for taking hundreds more whales than can be reassert by the require of scientific inquiry. Recently Japan and Norway take led demands from virtually countries for the lifting of the ban and the resumption of some whaling beneath regulation. This is widely impertinent by most of the other members of the IWC and by a sphere of (mostly westerly) pressure groups.[1] Just animals? - Are whales like any other animal, making it ok to hunt them? Yes Whales should be treated in the same way as other animals, as a resource to be used for aliment and other products. No species should be hunted to extinction, but if their numbers game are healthy, wherefore there is nothing wrong with hunting whales. Studies of intelligence have been conducted on dolphins, rather than whales, and even these cannot account intelligence in any useful way. Although peo! ple in some western societies view whales as special and indeed in...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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