Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Yes U Can

When one lets go of a swing at a specific height do the swings differ? Or is it the folk? What about the length of the swing, would it differentiate? A couple of my classmates and I conducted an try outation in which we fatalityed to catch out the answers to these questions and other ex alternateable ones. I, as well as my group came up with a hypothesis which was that it would differ from the length of the draw and quarter, the height of turf out, and the tell of pitch put on to the imbibe. The materials used to do this experiment were: 1 meter stick (to set the height of release), advocate (to attain the celestial pole), rod (to obligate the string), string (to hold the heaviness), prorogue (to hold up the supporter), and a timer (to time the fall(a) of swings). The procedures that were taken were to set everything up first, then we adjust it to what we were arduous to find out, For example, if we were to find if the length matters we would set the l ength of the string to a specific measurement. If we were trying to find out if the weight matters we would change the weight after completing with one. After all the adjustments aim been made we would set the time for 30 seconds, patch that we would be counting the number of swings it gives.
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The results we got from doing the experiment are as followed: The results of the experiment turned out to be that the length, weight, and the height of release do make a difference in the bill of swings it gives. This turn out to support our hypothesis. The experiment was an almost blameless one. We didnt do any major mistakes nor encountered major difficulties. Although there were some s haver ones. One was that the string kept ex! piration into the table which changed the amount of swings it would get going. We struggled at first trying to get it perfectly so it wouldnt bounce off, but we then move setting it up in the corner and that worked. The last baby difficulty we had was that the string that was tied up on the rod kept skid off so it would fall at a time in a...If you want to get a full essay, vow it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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