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‘while The Difficulties Currently Presented For The Uk By Financial Crime Are Considerable, There Is Strong And Persuasive Evidence That The Provisions Of The New Fraud Bill 2006 Will Founder Unless Uk Society Appreciates That Today’s ‘ambivalent’ Attitud

The economic culture within the United Kingdom , identical virtually of the free world is predicated on greed and ` cross off rich schemes . It is this culture that permits artsters to operate and victims to become prey . superior Goldsmith summed up the prevailing culture when he democracy , ` pretendersters somely extract money by exploiting carelessness , ignorance or gullibility . Elementary caution and healthy scepticism to the highest percentage point offers that look too good to be true would prevent most people becoming victims of device (Lessons From History : How Can the perseverance Prevent Financial Crime ? 2006 ) This sums up the prevailing unsure attitude of UK society , which is of borne out of `carelessness , ignorance or gullibilityFraud continues to populate the United Kingdom s economy . In 200 4 the estimated appeal was 16 Billion pounds and is believed to be growing (Norwich northward , November 2005 ) The Norwich Union attributes the cost of faker to the ambivalent treatment of fraud by the poisonous justice system and society s attitude as a whole . One would think that fraud was a victimless fetid , when in fact it is not . `Constraints upon the Police translate into a perceived reticence to prosecute fraudsters sustaining the widely held view that fraud is not a real crime in the resembling commission as burglary or theft are considered to be (Norwich Union November 2006The 1999 fair play equip newspaper no . 276 which was afterward promulgated in July of 2002 considered an inception of a uniform statutory cookery for an offensive of fraud (The Law Commission radical no . 276 ) The stream justness of nature relating to offensive activitys involving fraud are contained in the Thefts plays 1968 , 1978 and 1996 together with commonplace practice of law offences . The Law Commission in re! port no .276 suggested that the eight offences of deception as sketch in the Theft Acts and the common law offence of conclave to defraud all be amalgamated together and replaced be replaced by two new statutory offences . One offence would be one of fraud and the other of obtaining services by dishonest means ( The Law Commission Report no . 276The Law Commission went on to explain that a common codification of the offence of fraud would have the effect of simplifying the new law and making it easier for jurors to understand . Moreover , the simplification of the law on fraud would be more effective for the involvement in pursuing offences of fraud . The result would be a more productive investigation of complaints founded upon fraud and the smooth facilitation of the spot out trial . Defendants would also benefit from simplification of the legitimate law and would be in a position to discover avail council in their defence (The Law Commission Report no . 276As a re sult of these observations and recommendations the Government agreed with the Law Commission s finding that the current law on fraud was far-off too uncertain and too broad and proceeded to take in the Fraud Bill 2006 . The Bill has already received munificent parlance and will be effective as of January 2007 (Fraud Act (Commencement ) 2006 ) Its...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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