Thursday, February 6, 2014

How Are Feelings Towards Another Person Presented in Any Two of the Poems Studied so Far?

How are feelings towards another person presented in any haler of the poems studied so far? Relationships come in pull to labourher different forms; there are romantic relationships, family relationships, relationships that flourish and mystify and relationships that wither and die. In relationship related poetry we slit precisely what type of relationship the poet is describing by examining the poets expenditure of language, imagery, structure and attitude. In this essay I will be comparing how two different poems present feelings towards another person. The poems I will be discussing are Brothers by Andrew Forster and Sister Maude by Christina Georgina Rossetti. Sister Maude is a poem written from the point of fold of a woman who has been betrayed by her babe. It describes how her lover has been killed due to the fearful betrayal of her sister Maude. In the firstborn stanza the word told is repetition to highlight the depth of Maudes betrayal and convey her utter resentment and hatred for her sibling. Throughout the poem the teller refers to her sister in a profoundly controvert way motto that she lurked to spy and peer suggesting that Maude is sneaky and nosy. She also says that her lover would neer have looked at Maude and is, again, referring to her sister in a negative way but it also contains jealous undertones, which suggests that maybe the storytellers lover did in fact show feelings towards Maude too. Brothers is a poem about a youthful boy outgo an afternoon with his younger chum and his friend and describes the relationship amidst siblings exclusively as it does in Sister Maude. It is written from an magnanimous side but considers the feelings of the older brother who thinks of his younger brother as an inconvenience. Through the use of verbs the feelings towards the characters are conveyed. In the first stanza the fabricator and his friend Ambled whilst talking whereas the younger brother skippe d and spouted six-year-old views. The...If y! ou penury to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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