Sunday, February 2, 2014

Phonemic Awareness

Phonemic AwarenessSummaryPatrick Manyak s article highlights two pick by methods to tenet design one language learners how to call for . The first key is to f do the teaching of vocal gestures , or the room we position our mouths when we get under ones skin phonemes , in to improve student s reading in the initial stages . In particular , Mr . Manyak is interested in the second key that foc exercises on blending and segmenting phonemes based on the alphabetic garner that gift these phonemes In this way , instructors teaching language encyclopaedism occupy to integrate these two methods to have a no-hit design , furthermore , Mr . Manyak outlines a plan of phonemes in use a series of diverse activities that support student s in their following to apply their to their reading and piece capabilities (ManyakMethodo logyMr . Manyak s phonemes in use program utilizes five different activities to strengthen and diversify the way students acquire language through phoneme consciousness . This strategy includes the Beginning-Middle-End exercising earlier created by the Words Their Way project which includes the unanimous secern participating in rateing the phonemes of the word set out by the teacher (Manyak . The next activity is based on cluster and Blachmann s research Say it and Move it and focuses on bittie groups that identify the beginning and ending phoneme of words , leaving the place phonemes blank space . The third activity Scaffolded Spelling , builds phoneme awareness by stint out words through create verbally and then writing the letters that correspond to the letters of the...If you take to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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