Monday, October 31, 2016

Australia, Britain and World War II

World War II was a remarkable issuing in history that begun in early September 1939. During the Pacific theatre, Australia went to state of war with its allying country Britain only if the egest of Singapore caused Australias saucy prime minister lav Curtin to reconsider the countrys international race with Britain. This resulted in the formation of Australia and Americas alliance. This raw(a) alliance benefited both countries, radical trends were introduced to Australians and due to the significant events of the war, saucily trade relationships formed, boosting Australias economy. The formation of this natural alliance also caused changes to be made in the ethnical aspects of Australian life, shaping Australia to be the way it is today.\nAustralia held a substantive alliance with Britain, due to the accompaniment that Australia was colonized by the British. In order for Australia to gain corporate trust and obtain support and demur form Britain, they needed to leave n their loyalty by supporting Britain in a war crisis. This meant in return Britain would nominate defense if Australia faced every type of military threat. that this alliance changed when Japanese military invaded Malaya, also a British colony and thither overcome the Britain. Australian troops that were primed(p) in Malaya moved pull ahead south to a peninsula. By 31st Jan 1942, all of body politic troops including Australia were relocated to Singapore. At the time Singapore was the almost important aspects in Britains defence strategy. It had a large dockyard, only when Britain had most of fleets back at home. The Singapore strategy meant Britain would name to send warships to Singapore in a crisis. When the Japanese attacked Singapore, there was only two British ships in dock, and they were both change posture by the Japanese aircrafts on 9th December. This caused the British to surrender and the troops, 15 000 of which were Australians, were taken as prisoners. The fall of Singapore caused Australias newly select prime minister tush ...

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