Sunday, October 23, 2016

Wealth and Greed in the Great Gatsby

Wealth, rapacity and the problems that come from currency are recurring themes in hu servicemany stories, including The Great Gatsby. This handwriting revolves around the relationships that develop because of property and the impact that gold has on the characters and their behavior towards each other. In The Great Gatsby, people create big houses, nice cars and a privileged deportmentstyle. At origin funds is the entry to a lavish life, great parties, and a world of extravagance. Then in the end, it brings everyone down. notes creates more problems than it is worth.\n\nJay Gatsby loves Daisy. She loves Jay Gatsby. Money grasps in the way when Daisy tells Jay that he is not rich rich for her. Gatsby spends years making the funds by becoming a bootlegger. He believes that this money would demoralize Daisys love, after every(prenominal) Daisy tells him that rich girls dont marry poor boys. Jay Gatsby became a very rich man only after be rejected by Daisy because he does not have overflowing money. Gatsby wants Daisy so badly that he uses illegal and illegal ways to make his money. The irony is that he chooses a life of immoral and illegal behavior to get a woman, who in the end, he never gets. In fact, he looses everything, including his life.\n\nAnother person touch by the impact of money and greed is George Wilson, a man who lives in the Valley Of Ashes, an industrial area in new-made York. This community is poverty stricken, a polluted industrial waste very much the opposer of the lavish life of the Eggs, where Daisy and Gatsby live. He owns a gas send off and is married to myrtle, tom turkey Buchanans lover. Myrtle becomes part of tom turkeys lavish life and is seduced by the money she sees Tom spending on his stunning lifestyle. She hopes to leave George but quite has a tragic accident. Myrtle runs into the street and is hit and killed by Daisy who is driving Gatsbys car. . George becomes angry and kills Gatsby and then kills himse lf. Unlike the proportion of the characters in the story, George is not flush and corrupted by his money and greed. However, unfortunately the wealth and greed of...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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