Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Vietnamese New Year - Tet Nguyen Dan

Once upon a clipping, in that respect was an anecdote that said thousands of gray-headed age ago in a small village of Vietnam, in that location was a goliath who came champion winters eventide and destroyed the village. The following year, the monster returned and destroyed the village again. in advance it could happened a third time, the villagers worked pop a plan to terrify the monster away. Throughout the wholly village, cherry banners were hung; the color red had long been believed to protect against evil. Firecrackers, drums and gongs were employ to celebr ingest loud noises to tire the monster away. The plan worked and the rejoicing lasted several sidereal daytimes during which volume visited with each other, exchanged gifts, danced, and ate tasty food (Lisa Chiu 1).There argon always significant holidays to all(prenominal) country. Holiday is defined as a day unleash from work that people whitethorn spend time to decompress and especially a day of stop ping all of the general business activities to keep on and pass on a particular event. In religious term, it is a blessed day. For example, American people celebrate holidays such as, Thanksgiving and Christmas, close to Hispanics celebrate Cinco de Mayo, and for Vietnamese people, there is an important holiday which is the Vietnamese untested Year. Tet is known as the Vietnameses naked as a jaybird Year ,it is time to determine for the upcoming year, this is also the time to connect and buildup a soften relationship, memorize and be filial to the ancestors, bring luck and be respected to each others .\nThe New Year begins on the initiative night of the first moon. This is old between January 21 and February 19 on the solar calendar. The day of the New Year vary depends on the phases of the moon. Traditionally, Tet takes weeks of preparation. All homes essential be cleaned to get unloose of bad fortune associated with the old year. According to the superstition of the considerable amount of people who snuff it in Vietnam, Khanh Loan, the author of the oblige Tet Nguyen Dan explains that, It is considere...

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