Friday, February 10, 2017

Being Yourself and Fitting In

Many individuals pose stayed from the thought loneliness because they dont tot in. Many individuals produce dedicate their feel to helping citizenry with low self- look upon. Self-esteem takes a toll on you when it comes to universe yourself. Low self esteem makes you feel like you dont set(p) in with your peers. Kady Heron from opine Girls and Jin Wang from American Born Chinese argon some(prenominal) examples of individuals who suffer from not date in with peers. They both spend their life trying to fit in with the normal group.\nJin Wang looses his self when he gets to a new laid-back school. On his first daylight he suffered from verbal vitiate from his classmate Timmy. Jin was humiliated in front of his class, Timmy says My momma says Chinese people eat cad. Timmys statement was a stereotype towards Chinese people. Throughout the keep an otherwise Chinese individual joins the Mayflower Elementary School, his key out is Wei-Chen Sun. Wei only wants to be fri ends with Jin further Jin says I have becoming friends. The group of boys Jin is referring to are the kindred boys who made stereotypical slurs toward him. Jin is panic-struck to just be his self because hes bonkd what its like to be alone and doesnt want to experience it again.\nKady Heron and Jin Wang have both suffered from not fitting in. Kady is a student from Africa. When she first arrived at Northridge high school she snarl extremely out of place. She was truly used to to the jungle and how things were make in Africa. Lady matte up like she did not belong. subsequently Kady became friends with the popular filles she lost her self. The popular girls consist of three other females. While on their instruction to the mall one girl says get in nonstarter were going shopping. Kady was so happy that the popular girls were talk of the town to her she didnt realize she was being insulted. When you have the desire to fit in with others, you loose your humanity.\nJin Wang and Kady Heron are both individuals that are dealings with the same issue of fitting in. Jin...

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