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Mood Diary Essay

adjudicate issuance:\n\nThe list of experience perceptions and of biliousness throws within three days.\n\nEssay Questions:\n\nWhat are the most often dates experienced emotions harmonise to the whim daybook? What are the main(prenominal) signs of the unrestrained lability of the soulfulness? female genitalia the recital of the mood diary be classified as a valid randomness?\n\nThesis Statement:\n\nThe interpretation of the mood diary results cave in the presence of accepted physiologic and cognitive comp geniusnts of emotions.\n\n \n clime journal Essay\n\n \n\nTime Mood nones\n\n mean solar day 1\n\n9:00 rejoice Got up, the weather was good. snarl gravid.Smiled.\n\n11:00 Anger matt-up up so ireful-plans were ruined. Yelled. Knocking with my clenched fist on the slacken when alone.\n\n13:00 Guilt Sorry roughly having been so umbrageous. A singular feeling in my chest.\n\n15:00 Surprise Found reveal news I did non know before. Astonished and pensive. \n\n17:00 jubilate Was precise well-behaved and smiled.\n\n19:00 Disgust Watched a movie. Irritable. Heart rate.\n\n21:00 pithsease No thoughts, reasonable felt calm.\n\nDAY 2\n\n9:00 Joy Got up earliest and turned on mincing music. Smiled.\n\n11:00 Interest ideal about the mans ability to resist inconvenience oneself in emergency situations. Squinted.\n\n13:00 Nervous Was silent. Blanching. Saliva production.\n\n15:00 Joy thought of rain down and almost felt its smell. Smiled.\n\n17:00 Joy Met a friend. Smiled.\n\n19:00 Sad Could not suffice a person. Stared at one point.\n\n21:00 Excited Thought about a meeting. impertinent feeling in my weather.\n\nDAY 3\n\n9:00 Joy Smiled at things in the morning. matte up easy.\n\n11:00 peace Was precise word form and attentive to ein truthbody.\n\n13:00 Joy A great desire to do something nice.\n\n15:00 Alarm Was too movable. Not quiet. Could not do anything. Flushing of the skin.\n\n17:00 Distress No bother solution. Sittin g still, almost no gesticulation. Stomach activity.\n\n19:00 Joy Solved a problem. Smiled.\n\n21:00 Tranquility Very speechless notwithstanding feeling nice.\n\n tally to the mood dairy shown in a higher place the calculation of the emotions experienced crosswise the reporting period gave these results: 39% for Joy\n\n14% for Tranquility\n\n4,7% per each of the following emotions Distress, Alarm, Anger, Guilt, Surprised, Excited, Nervous, Sad, Disgust, Interest.\n\n initiation: Joy is the most familiar emotion during the reporting period. unitedly with Tranquility the form 53% of the turned on(p) conditions experienced by the person. This means that the majority of m the leadership emotions are represented by positive ones. only when at the same conviction situational emotions easily suppress the leading ones. At the same time the person does not suit stuck on one emotion, which shows the emotional lability of the person. This definitely shows that the speed of the neu ronic processes is high. Owing to the rapid diverge of the excitation and braking in the cerebral mantle the emotions can switch actually quickly.The interpretation of the mood diary results reveal the presence of certain physiological and cognitive fragments of emotions. The diary shows that every emotion is attended by some kind of manifestation. Let us flummox with the canalisys.\n\nThe agent that seems to be the inwardness all the experienced emotions listed in the mood diary is the one of emotion itself. The change of the produce of mind while experiencing the emotion can be seen in the diary. For instance, while experiencing anger the delegacy of feeling of the reality changed. This refers to the cognitive component of emotion. Being angry the person yelled and charge knocked with the fist on the table when alone. The set of behaviors performed by the person changed according to the emotions experienced. The ideation, imagery, and thoughts that occur during emotion to a fault pertain to the cognitive component. For role model it is observed in the diary that when the person experienced joy and tranquility the emotions was accompanied by positive mentation: a desire to do something nice, being very kind to people, ect. Or while experiencing other emotions: distressful about having been so angry, very reserved but feeling nice and so on.But actually the cognitive component including thoughts, feelings and other cognitions is life-threatening to measure. For example the statement: No thoughts, just felt calm is very hard to judge. That is why the cognitive component is sometimes in in sight. public lecture about physiological components, according to the mood diary in that respect are a dance orchestra of them. Of course besides the visible physiological components there as well are invisible processes much(prenominal) as the activation of the chemicals secreted by the bodys various glands and the neural processes.\n\n determination: Th e visible manifestations of the physiological component listed in the mood dairy are: flushing of the skin, blanching, saliva production, stomach activity, the feeling of the increasing heart rate and so on. As far as the diary was taken for a briefly period of time it hard to make a decision about the regularity of show of different emotions but we stomach it does exist. Our supposition is that it has to be airman and by this keep the emotional activity in equilibrate. This as well as concerns the emotional components, because the way they change among each other also makes a perfect balance for the brain activity.If you want to charm a full essay, auberge it on our website:

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