Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Invisible Mann

The first, and most pronounced, is Julia. She is ambitious and sexy, and is non afraid to show her sex freely. She only copes about what she wants or needs or enjoys. She does not think big picture...there are no real principles to her face, no underlying ideas like other revolutionaries. Rather, for her to think or care about something, it has to directly impact her emotional state. It is for this reason she does not beware to Winston discussing history, Goldsteins book etc. Structurally, she complements Winston as an unlikely revolutionary and shows that the brainwash of the political party is not totally complete yet. She also acts as a foil to Winston, as seen when he breaks down in Part 3. The second class is typified by Mrs Parsons. She is quiet, obedient, around without character. Theres not much that can be said about this character except that she has so little regard for life that she ordain follow whatever or whoever. Her ineffectual parenting combined with the Partys indoctrination has led to her children being much more powerful than she. She almost founds a dying breed of people...those who remember a institution without Big Brother, yet do not care anymore, and impart pass out of history silently and forgotten.
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The third is exemplified by the prole women Winston encounters. He remarks that their sole purpose in life - other than rampant hedonism - is to produce children. They reach midlife by 30 and die by 60, with their waists misshapen by giving save to a dozen or more offspring. They sort of represent the most human side to women in the entire fable (which says something about how distorted people are within it)...going backwards to the roots of humanity and womanhood, they maintain many of the same virtues and nuiances that we would look for of...I guess, women of the low working class during the Industrial era or the Middle Ages. If you want to get a full essay, identify it on our website: Orderessay

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