Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Low Fat vs Low Carb

Al Capone: Was one of most famous mob bosses in level Introductionâ€"Al Capone was born in Brooklyn, New York he was raised well, but poor role models direct him to a life of violence and crime. I) Al Capone had poor role models. A) solely the Capone children were treaty fairly and with respect. 1) Al Capone got involved with insurgent Torrrio at young age. 2) He had a job for one of Johnny Torrios friends as a bartender during prohibition. B) Most teachers were diagonal against Italians. 1) Al Capone was given bad grades after a history of goods grades just for being Italian. 2) This led him to getting kicked out of schooltime because he punched his teacher in the face for the bad grades. II) Al Capone sold liquor during prohibition. A) Al Capone had over 1,000 speakeasies and underground bars in Chicago. 1) The most lucrative time of his c areer was during prohibition. 2) Al Capone made $105,000,000 in 1927 alone (this is during prohibition). B) Al Capone is best know for selling of liquor during prohibition. 1) Some of his speakeasies in Chicago are now legal bars. 2) Al Capone had many people killed who tested to stop him from selling liquor. III) Al Capone killed many people. A) St. Valentines Day Massacre.
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1) It was an achievement that was supposed to kill Al Capones rival Bugs Moran. 2) Because of the butcher instead of killing Bugs Moran it killed seven of Bugs men. B) oer 500 thugs were killed during Al Capones reign over Chicago. 1) Al Capone called in 2,000 gunmen from all over to make sure Als candidate won the 1925 mayoral election in Chicago. 2) Unfortunately Al Capones brother also died during this election. culminationâ€"The way that Al Capone ruled Chicago with crime is actually remarkable. His style was so smart, but also very violent. 0Al Capones greed and temper led to his, and fame. These two factors also led to Al Capones down fall. If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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