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Eighteenth Century Literature

The claim of the English and Irish Nations During the Eighteenth Centuryin the Eyes of Jonathan western fence lizardByNameName 1NameName of ProfessorSubjectDateThe State of the English and Irish Nations During the Eighteenth Centuryin the Eyes of Jonathan SwiftIn the early eighteenth century , Britain s commerce increased . There was to a fault a growing urbanisation and increase in the population of cities The parliamentary system and its institutions had curtailed the power of the absolute monarchs of the past centuries so it could also be said that democracy was in progress . condescension these , however , there were growing problems in Britain and her colonies . Some of these problems were so widespread that some English voiced out their alarms This allow for consider the views of the Anglo-Irish satirist Jonathan Swift , specifically those reflected in his verse A of the Morning (1709 ) and the prose assay A Modest object (1729In these two pieces , one a poem and the new(prenominal) an essay published twenty years apart , Jonathan Swift appeared to be concerned about the differential plight of the mysterious and the unretentive in British society . Social stratification feature in A of the Morning , a parody of the desperate poem describing in a realistic manner the parking lot sights in the city of London during the early morning . season the poor were depicted as waking up industriously in the early morning to do their various jobs , the lavish and those Name 2in authority were negatively depicted as all engaging in sexual immorality with their servants or sharp with criminals in the practice of theft . While not as reprehensible as the overflowing , who were highly irresponsible and ignominious of their power , the poor alsoappeared in the poem as slightly short-sighted , busying themselves merely with the simple tasks at hand , and somewhat immaterial of larger problems besetting their society .
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Twenty years later , Swift in A Modest Proposal launched a dependable head-on attack regarding the wide gulf that separated the rich and the poor . This time commenting on the famine in Ireland , therefore an English colony , Swift satirically proposed that the one-year experient children of Ireland s poor should be sold off to be eaten by the rich landlords of Ireland as well as of England and other alien nations . In the essay , Swift created the persona of a mover who , in to justify his cannibalistic proposal , blamed the Irish poor , for their irresponsibility and lack of parenting values in allowing themselves to harbor more children than they could afford to raise properly and decently . The rich Irish landlords and the English were also blamed for consigning the Irish into such a hideous state of poverty , homelessness , and unemployment . The proposer s uncivilised way of presenting statistics in to justify the economic benefits of eating Irish children also satirised the mindset of the wealthy Irish landlords and English politicians who inured the Irish people as comparable to cattle and other commoditiesRelated to the...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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