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Programming Language Paradigms

PROGRAMMING PARADIGMSProgramming ParadigmsProgramming Paradigms - Approaching the Limits of ImaginationTeresa M . ClarkProgramming linguistic communications CSE 3302 Spring 2007The early computers were programmed wholly in machine code . This was both error given up and monotonous (Sebesta 1996 ,.39 . The need for higher level schedule languages was realised very early . By 1965 the first versions of FORTRAN , COBOL , ALGOL , and LISP had been certain (Sebesta 1996 ,. 37 . Programs written prior to 1970 suffered from poor readability , the nimiety of GOTO statements , and the lack of top down programming style (Sebesta 1996 ,. 12In the 1970 s the coordinate Programming revolution took started The idea of structured programming was to disclose programs using a standardized paradigm that featured top-down structure and a minimal use of GOTO statements . This provided for easier reading , high-speed debugging and greater portability (Sebesta 1996 ,. 12 in that respect atomic number 18 now several different programming paradigms . These were developed to meet the needs of individual programming industriousnesss there are some(prenominal) common factors in all of these paradigms . There cannot be a one-shoe-fits-all schema . Each paradigm has it infrangible and weak points . Each also has areas where it works well and those where it does not . It is preferable to have a tool box of programming paradigms to select from . This is analogous to a tool box that a carpenter might use consisting of a hammer , a screw device driver , a level , and a maxim . Each of these tools is well suited for different tasks . Attempting to cut a piece of wood with a hammer and screw driver may be possible but using the precept would be idealWe will introduce seven paradigms in this try on , including the already mentioned structured programming . The others are the Object lie Paradigm , Functional Paradigm , Logical Paradigm , Language Oriented Paradigm , Search Oriented Paradigm and indispensable Language Oriented Paradigm .
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We shall briefly describe to each one of these paradigms , compare and contrast them with each other , introduce an application that would be suited for each , and point out some programming language principals that may apply to each paradigmThe geomorphological Programming Paradigm is an abstraction of computing that is based on the Turing and von Neumann machines . This paradigm provides commands and control structures to manipulate data that is stored in memory . In structural programming , a pee-pee may assigned one value and later reassigned to another(prenominal) value . Program execution consists of a sequence of states and the transition from one state to the next is determined by denomination of variables and control structuresStructured programming is centering on procedures . These are modules that are generally divided based on their functions . The data is unplowed separate from these procedures . This paradigm was easy to accept because it closely mapped to the von Neumann and Turing Machines . As noted above , one of the major contributions of the structural Programming Paradigm is the removal of the use of the GOTO statement The proposal of marriage for its removal was first presented to the editor of the ACM in 1968 (Dijkstra 1968...If you want to absorb a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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