Thursday, February 28, 2013

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky is a Soviet scientist. He prophesies Earth is the cradle of homo reason, tho its impossible to live for ever in ones cradle.
Konstantin Tsiolkovsky caught a serious illness and became heavily to hear when he was very young. This made him had to study at home by himself. He whence went to Moscow for 3 years and studied Advanced Mathematics, University courses by himself. His space flight of steps idea was came up at that time.
In 1883, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky finished his prime(prenominal) treatise Free space which mentioned come up must use common propulsion. And then his article The Exploration of Cosmic Space by Means of Reaction Devices is the first academic treatise on rocketry. He said the horizontal speed required for a stripped orbit around the Earth is 8,000 m/s, this can be achieved by liquefiable fuel rocket whit liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen. He also provided Tsiolkovsky rocket equation. In 1927, He produce air cushion car theory. In 1929, he brought the structure of step rocketry. In 1932, He published some principles and structure of jet propulsion plane.

1.Did these scientists generally exertion co-operatively or in isolation, and what effect of the development of the space lean did this have?

No information on this question for Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, but I believe he worked in isolation.

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2.How institution fight Two did accelerated the development of rocket technology?

delinquent to the long distance and powerful weapon needs, rocket became major research task and has been developed during World War Two. In 19th century, rockets have already been used in military and navy, but did not have great execution. Rockets in World War Two became much more effective.

German rocket association has set up in 1927. Austria, England, Soviet building block also have similar organisation. In 1944 after Ormandy Invasion, German launched subsonic speed fluctuation V-1 rocket and then developed V-2 rocket. They are the first liquid fuel rocket.

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