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The Nature of the Share in Registered Companies
By Vivek Khanna LLB, LLM, Barrister at Law
This idea go forth look at the specific qualities of a fortune, not the different
qualities of a type of share generically. Moreover, this paper develops it
arguments by line of reasoning that the term share is whatsoeverthing of a misnomer. The
term share denotes some sort of apportionment i.e. a division of something
owned. However it will be argued, a company share does not rattling equate to
a share as used in everyday language, more correctly it is something of an
It will be argued the purpose of a share serves distinct functions. Firstly the
share is a fraction of the companys capital, it represents the shareholders
financial peril in the company while defining his liability to the company.
1 Second the share represents a calculation of the shareholder interest in the
association of the company.2 Lastly it will be argued that the share is a
species of piazza in its own right, a rather sundry(a) bundle of rights:
a chose in action,3 which the shareholder hind end buy, sell, mortgage and
The Nature of Shares
It has been stated a share in a fusion suggests the partners have a
proprietary in the partnerships assets.

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4 This proprietary interest in the assets
has been described as an h 1st interest, often described as a lien, which
floats over the partnership assets throughout the duration of the firm,
crystallising once the partnership is dissolved.5 Does this properness nexus
between the partnership assets and the partners applied in the same(p) way
between shareholders and the assets in an incorporated company? It has been
argued at one time it was thought that it did.6 It was thought that the
company itself held its assets as trustee for the members of the company.7
However, this notion has long been rejected. But the share still remains
property in its own right.8 Does this mean the shareholders who owns
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