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You tooshie use this space to give readers clear operating instructions for the steps that you hope they will take next. It may be a number that you requisite them to call, a Web office that you want them to visit, or information that you want them to fill out. whatever the case, this information should be clear, brief, and engaging enough to motivate readers to feature the decision to move forward.

Printing This Brochure

This brochure home runs onto Legal-size paper (8.5 x 14), which you then fold into thirds. The brochure consists of two pages that are knowing to imprint front and back (double-sided) on a atomic number 53 sheet of paper. There are two ways that you push aside print the brochure:

Print it on intermit sheets of paper. afterwards doing so, you take them to a copy business and ask it to print the two sheets double-sided onto one sheet.
Print it directly onto one sheet, double-sided. You can do this automatically or manually. To do it automatically, you must take for a printer capable of mental picture on both(prenominal) sides of a sheet of paper. Before printing, set the printer properties to print on both sides of the page by clicking Print on the File menu, clicking Properties, and then on the Layout tab clicking Flip on Short Edge under Print on two Sides.

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To print double-sided manually, yield a sheet of paper by the manual feed tray of your printer, printing the freshman page, and then feed the same sheet through the manual feed tray again, printing the second page on the other side. For more information, summon to the documentation for your printer.

Structuring Your Content

You have a number of alternatives for organizing the content of your brochure. You office choose to devote each column to a separate point or theme, such as quality or value. Remember, these points should tie in with your introductory text on the first page of the brochure.

An alternate approach

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