Friday, March 29, 2013


The Year Was 2002
Every stratum has their big moments and events that we remember for years to come. So what was so important about 2002 you might exact? There were lots of things, such as the Patriots winning the top-notch bowl for the inaugural clip and becoming the only squad to go undefeated. You might also remember Lisa Leslie becoming the setoff lady basketb every player to ever dunk. It wasnt erect a year of sports though. Gas prices were at an all clip high and the fightfare was just springing. There was a climb up earth asteroid that you may not have comprehend about that exploded right above the Mediterranean sea with the same explosive power as the Nagasaki atomic bomb. well to narrow things down Im going to utter about the political, economic, and social events that occurred in 2002.
In 02 we just started the war in Afghanistan and Iraq for the so called weapons of mass destruction (Afghanistan, Wikipedia). At this period people were for the war more due to the fact that they all mainly wanted revenge for the 9/11 attacks. This wasnt a good time to be in politics cause all the chaos and confusion. The President had to make promptly and rash decisions. He mainly focused his attention to the war. The sept of Representatives voted not to create an independent commission for investigating the 9/11 attacks (2002, spritus-temporis).

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With all this going on Jimmy Carter became the first to visit Cuba with Fidel Castro since the 1959 revolution. Its not good when people start to question their president.
Americas economy was at the offset printing of the long road of bad times. Gas Prices had sky rocketed causing prices of nearly everything to rise due to the expensive coast of transportation, notwithstanding of course any time a nation goes to war the economy does bad. The Enron scandal was in effect also displace 22,000 people unemployed (Enron, Time). It was a very bad time to be in the stock markets. Dow Jones closed at 7,286.27 which were the final it has been in five years and NASDAQ had a six year low...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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