Friday, March 29, 2013

World War 1 and the Rise of China as a New Superpower.

Title: World war I, the downfall of communism in Soviet Union, China open communism concept and U.S as the superpower.

World War I also known as The Great War happened in 1941 till 1918. There atomic number 18 five major reasons that contribute to this bloody state of war. Firstly, the militarism or coat of arms race between the great powers during that time. Germany as the example challenges the British Empire as the most powerful naval army on that time by built a share of battleships and also submarines known as U-Boat. In addition, Germany also was competing with Russia and France by expanding its army forces. Secondly, the alliance system or in the opposite words, in that location is an agreement or pact signing by two or more country to protect all(prenominal) other in war. Before the war itself, both alliances both the allies or central powers have agreements to back up the members of the alliances that attacked by other country. This can be seen when Russia joined the war as the Austria-Hungary attacked their ally, Siberia. Thirdly, there was an imperialism factor or the competition in getting colonies or territories between the great powers. The British feared Germany colonial in Africa and same goes to the Austrians that feared Serbia/Russia in the Balkans.

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Fourthly, nationalism spirits that ranch among those who are suffering from the denial of their rights and sovereignty. This was an age when all nations precious to assert their power and independence. In Europe Slavs, backed up by Serbia and Russia, they wanted to be free of Austrian rule. stomach but not least, the assassination or the spark that induce the triggers of the war become the fifth reason of World War I. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the heir of the Austria-Hungary, by the Bosnian Serb nationalist in 28th June 1914 makes the Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia.
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