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very grave and solemn word. The word fight empennage be defined as armed fighting mingled with two groups, conflict, period and methods of contend f be, and conflict. There argon things that are associated with war that are far beyond belief. Among the many are high casualty rates, economic struggle, and family problems. However when a soul is making a reference to the Civil struggle the trump out definition would be involved with the word struggle. The Civil contend was a struggle in the areas of gaining constitutional rights for African American slaves. The citizens of the United States had to be witness to the most hypocritical and redundant war of that time period. As time permitted things continued to turn down and a sort of hell had come into existence.
The Civil War was being fought between the Northern and Southern regions of the United States, which figuratively speaking put brother against brother. Both the families of blacks and whites were affected drastic all toldy because of the war. Theodore Upsons family had a firsthand notice about the war as he was out in the yard completing yard work. when they heard of the seizing of Fort Sumter. It brought about so much confusion that an elder family member had the need to disembowel the statement, Oh, to think that I should have lived to see the day, when brother should sharpen against brother.

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The level of concern that was showed by the Upson family was the average response of the American family.
Mary Chesnut was the wife of James Chesnut, ex-senator from South Carolina and the aide to Jefferson Davis, death chair of the Confederacy. During the course of the war, she traveled throughout the south, due to her husband and his responsibilities. She was equal to(p) to witness a lot of the carnage the Civil war had produced first hand. Chesnut saw mutilated soldiers, cities being seize, and just all of the evils of war. She saw many of the things that other people were against in the war.
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