Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Thousand Splendid Suns: Use Of Birds As a Symbol

Birds have always had a significant significance in many cultures and in many ways. They are used to epitomize purity, evil, immortality, and beauty. Kahled Hosseini uses many birds to symbolize the life of Miriam, in A h cardinaly oil refined Suns. Miriams actions and desires reflect themselves in the birds that Hosseini strategically places passim the book. He uses a mockingbirds freedom, the banning of parakeets, and a simple crow to show that some issue patently so impoerished and basic, can have a deeper, more multiplex meaning behind it. The mockingbird does precisely what its name says, it mocks other(a) birds. In one particular scene, Mariam observes the bird as it copies other sounds and locomote into the clouds, where it is free from the horrible land that Mariam is spiritedness. Hosseini writes, Outside, mockingbirds were singing blithely, and, erstwhile in a while, when the songsters took flight, Mariam could see their wings catching the phosphorescent co lored moonlight beaming through the clouds (244). This mockingbird symbolizes the one thing that Mariam necessitates more than anything; freedom. Another bird that constantly shows up in the book is the parakeet. The parakeet is a beautiful, colorful, and exotic bird, who loves to observe what it hears. When the Taliban took over Kabul in A Thousand Splendid Suns, they nonplus a list of rules that the people living there essential follow. One of these specific laws stated that, If you keep parakeets, you pass on be beaten. Your birds will be killed (276). The Taliban prohibited any contour line of cheer from flying kites, parakeets and even jest for the people living in Kabul. As Miriam continues to fail to bear a son nipper for Rasheed, he becomes more and more angry with her. Miriam must jazz simultaneously with her husbands anger to struggleds her and with the war that is way out on. This banning of parakeets, along with the banishment of laughter and entertainment, represents the loss of pleasure and hope i! n Miriams life. In A Thousand...If you want to get a full essay, identify it on our website:

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