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Yvonne Petfield Using temperament as an example, explain why either(prenominal) virtuoso perspective is not sufficient to explain human demeanour. temper is a collection of emotional, thought and doingsal patterns unique to a Person. The word Personality originates from the Latin persona meaning mask not to disguise barely to represent or typify a character. (,2006) Certain behaviour dismiss be characteristic of a person or constitution. Focusing on Sigmung Freud, Carl Rogers and Hans Eysenck, this essay will look at the three different theories on personality explaining why whatever one cannot be used alone. Freud believed that all individuals be oblivious(predicate) of galore(postnominal) factors which cause and shape behaviour and emotion, these unconscious factors can potentially cause unhappiness, which can manifest as pestiferous personality traits such as difficulty relating or pathetic self esteem. ( Freuds main interest was in childhood nurture where personality is concerned. Freud believed that if biological urges are not satisfied during archaean ontogeny then they are repressed and will exploit us through the development of our personality or character. Freud verbalize that all human behaviour is ramn by instincts accord to Freuds bodily structure on personality existing are three drives which own urges and needs to satisfy feelings, for example intimate or obstreperous feelings or urges. The first and most lowbred of the three drives is called the Id .(Latin for it) The Id is the stock of all drives. (Wikipedia.0rg.2006) The Id or it it is the primitive, unconscious violate which demands immediate satisfaction, cerebrate a hungry baby, screaming itself blue, it doesnt know what it fates, solely it wants it now.( exampl e, to Freud was pure id . The second d! rive the Ego regulates the id, the ego...If you want to get a full essay, install it on our website:

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