Saturday, February 1, 2014

World Religions Report

There exists in all of Christendom , three distinct sects which make up the 2 .1 billion Christians in the world presently . Protestants or that sect which was form about of the Protestant categorization in the early 16th century , make up nearly seven hundred million singulars from all oer the world . Protestants are distinct in a public figure of ways from the opposite major religions in the world instantly as well as in parity to the other major Christian sects as well . Protestants stress to a higher place all other things , the importance of faith in savior Christ as the except mediator between theology and the several(prenominal) . Good works are important and they attend to theological system as well as telling others that the soulfulness is a Christian but they do not concede a person s entrance in to heaven . This is the central legal trust among Protestants and that because they be harpve that Jesus is the only mediator between divinity and the individual , praying and /or pietisming to statues , the Pope , the Virgin Mary or fallible tribe who have committed sins , yet had been do saints through church . The elevation of Christ through the comparability of the extreme fallibility of man and that faith in the former leads the individual to the belief in the latter , as well as entrance into heaven , are the central themes of Protestants . In to lie with this sect of Christianity on a personal level , I attended a Methodist church in strange coral Springs in to see for myself , what Protestantism was all about . It was a compulsive and important experience and one in which I was gladsome that I had do the effort and actually made a friend or two in the processProtestants gained acknowledgement and converts at the beginning of the 16th century . At that season , a nd for a millennium before , the Catholic Ch! urch had braggy into the only choice that a Christian had in his search to worship Jesus (Myers , 2004 ) In being able to fail so business officeful over such a tenacious menstruation of time , the Catholic Church was careful to wait the power with the church and not the submit anything to the people . As an face , the Scriptures were kept in the ancient texts of Latin and classical and salubrious efforts were made against the interpretation of the text into the address of the commonplace people . Those who knew how to read , read in their common language and only the scholars knew Latin and Greek . As a conclusion , the common man accepted what their priest was telling them and had no repair to check the Scriptures for himself . Therefore , in 1517 , when Pope social lion X , in an attempt to receive money from the sure in to build the grand St . Peter s Bacilli , he appointed Johann Tetzel to deceive indulgences in to secure the funds (Myers , 2004 ) The use of indulgences had been apply since the put of the 11th century when Pope Urban fit out them as a way in which to...If you want to support a full essay, order it on our website:

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